John Raffaelli

Business Advisor

I rapidly identify and add fast-tracked profits to businesses.  John  loves to optimize and help businesses thrive by identifying both actual and potential roadblocks and bottlenecks that are either currently, or will potentially, stifle cash flow and profitability. He has the ability to see the critical path and simplify processes which will reduce costs to give a competitive edge.

In addition to applying his skill-set to improve the performance of larger organisations, John provides a range of business services to small businesses that cannot afford to employ specialist staff or business consultants from the larger companies.  These services include the development of business plans, cash flow planning, contract reviews and contract negotiations, and business valuations on an as required basis. John operates in Auckland, Northland and the Waikato. 

Helping You Find Success With Personalised Coaching

Why work with me?

 Utilising the correct components of Critical Path Solutions I will review and analyse your business processes, systems and people.

As well as identifying your competitive edge; I will make recommendations and provide business and action plans.

Business Valuations are also part of skill set.

Into The Blue NZ Limited is a Ministry of Social Development (MSD) registered supplier of consultancy services to Work and Income (WINZ).

I will also provide support with the implementation of the agreed changes.

I am experienced in working with both small businesses and large complex businesses and can tailor my fees to suit both the size and type of business by operating from a low overhead base and bringing in resources as required.  If cashflow is an issue we can tailor a fee structure to suit your circumstances.

Qualifications & Experience


  • Chartered Accountant
  • Auckland Technical Institute (AUT)


40+ years of business experience including:

  • Senior Commercial Manager
  • Performance Improvement
  • Business Consultancy roles


In New Zealand, Australia & United Kingdom:

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Primary
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Services & Retail

My Story

I established Into The Blue in early 1997 and since then have had the opportunity to work with:

  • Owner / Operators
  • Small Businesses including SMEs
  • Medium and Large Businesses operating from multiple sites and countries.

I believe that communication is critical to unlocking the core issues and delivering value added outcomes and have the ability to converse with staff and directors from all levels and segments of any business.

In all cases with all companies small or large my method of discovery is founded on Critical Path Solutions.  Simply put  (CPS) is a project management technique that requires mapping out every key task that is necessary to complete a project. It includes identifying the amount of time necessary to finish each activity and the dependencies of each activity on any others.

I have found many business owners are ready to exit their business but are not sure how to go about it to get the best possible return.  Developing an exit strategy is one of my strengths. 

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