Our usual method of gathering information is based on a 3 month Initial Business Diagnosis which allows us to gather information to find your Critical Path.

We develop and deliver Strategic Action Plans tailored to your business needs.

During the time of our engagement you have unlimited email and phone access to me.

Into the Blue NZ Limited is registered with the Regional Business Partner Network (NZTE) to provide services  with the RBP Voucher Funding Scheme.

We can help you with any of the below and more!
A list of our current government co-funded services listed here.

Business Strategy / Action Plans

  • Identify the long game and establish a strategic plan
  • Align business model to strategic plan
  • Write Action Plan to meet strategic plan objectives which includes identifying and committing the required resources
  • Take required actions as identified in the Action Plan

Business Plans

Writing multipurpose business plans to:

  • Help business owners better understand their businesses
  • Provide robust forecasts which can be used to help raise capital for the purchase of new or replacement plant and other assets
  • Develop employee incentive schemes based on business profit improvement

Process Improvement / Critical Path

  • Analyse and identify efficient systems that link all parts of the business together
  • Analyse all business / workflow processes for potential improvement
  • Identify any missing processes and or systems for incorporation into the business
  • The elimination of duplication, inefficiency and waste (rework)

Health & Safety

  • Review current Health and Safety systems and policies to ensure they are aligned with relevant standards
  • Establish and embed processes for regular review and assessment of Health and Safety issues.
  • Develop a culture of personal responsibility with regards to Health & Safety

Financial Management

  • Create clear management performance indicators and identify key business drivers
  • Ensure there is integration between the financial systems and the day to day operation of the business
  • Establish a monthly reporting function around financial targets aligned with the business objectives
  • Establish monthly staff meetings either formal or informal to gain feedback on how the business is performing
  • Establish procedures and systems to check for irregular payment
  • Establishment of segmentation gross margin reporting to easily identify product/service mix and under-performing areas of the business.

Cashflow Management

  • Create clear management performance indicators and identify key business drivers
  • A cash requirements plan including timings to ensure that either the required cash or facilities are in place when needed

Exit Strategy / Succession Planning

  • Establish a framework to allow all parties to achieve desired results
  • Define financial ramifications
  • Articulate defined exit strategy program
  • Identify opportunities and the viability of each
  • Business Valuations
  • Monitor progress

Read my Exit Strategy Brochure

Health and Wellness

Covers the need for business owners to stay in contact with their employees while they are working from home and during lockdown periods.  It will also include the setting up of employee networks to check and stay in communication with each over.  And most importantly, it will include helping the owners to set up or join networks to ensure that they are able to cope with the effects of this crisis on their business.  As a Business Advisor it is also one of our duties to stay in contact with business owners during times of business stress. 

Pricing & Quoting

  • Ensure quotes contain a breakdown of all components so that these can be used for future accurate quoting

Sales & Marketing

  • Establish a marketing program / plan to align with identified channels to market
  • Develop a target list and strategy for attracting new high value customers
  • Ensure the market knows your full product / service offering
  • Identify every market that you currently operate in and any new sectors that you could operate in
  • Competitor Analysis – this is key to keeping your “competitive edge” and helping to develop your “competitive advantage”

Human Resources Strategy

  • Cultures and leadership practices – are they aligned?
  • Is the Team aligned in its work practices and culture?
  • Establish any HR requirements
  • Align employment contracts towards both the strategic plan and business model
  • Staff training and development to align with individual staff requirements

Procurement and Inventory Control

  • Work with suppliers to make it easy for you to do business with them and for them to do business with you
  • Develop procurement strategy
  • Know product lead times

Business Startups

  • Develop a feasibility study to determine whether the business idea is practical and achievable.
  • Develop a 5 year plan which can also be used to form the basis of a project plan and help to obtain a banking facility and other investment requirements.
  • Provide specific investor information requirements to raise capital.
  • Establish financial management practices including how to setup and read Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets to help you manage the business.

Capital Planning

  • Review capital requirements if required
  • Business valuations

One off Projects / Issue Solving

One-off client-initiated projects to solve specific client related issues such as:

  • Rewriting / updating a one-sided supplier contract to make it a more two-sided contract.
  • Feasibility studies on new, replacement and potentially redundant resources i.e. buy a new piece of plant, replace a truck, employ a new staff member, etc.
  • Capacity planning.
  • Feasibility study on moving into a new market segment.
  • Conducting cost benefit analysis (feasibility studies) and writing cost benefit models to either support or disprove a potential business initiative.
  • Business Valuations

Branding and Digital Enhancement

This coaching and training will cover how to:

  • Identify if your brand is still relevant to your products, services, and customers.
  • Design a brand that is up to date and relevant.
  • Ensure the market knows your full product / service offering.
  • Design and write an up to date website or provide a website developer with the requirements to complete this task.
  • Keep your website fresh and up to date including a blog page.
  • Write blogs / newsletters that can be sent to customers via Mailchimp.
  • Linking digital messages and articles for Facebook and other forms of social media.

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Client Successes

Ensure business success with John Raffaelli, confidentiality precludes identifying clients, the sections below are some recently completed projects.

All businesses – develop key business drivers to help business owners to make more informed financial and management decisions.
Develop or improve business processes using critical path solutions to either eliminate or significantly reduce waste and duplication including rework.

Most businesses – restructure of management / financial accounts by business segment to identify gross margins by segment and rework costs.  This instantly identifies both product / service mix changes and individual segment issues.

Import / export fashion business – cashflow forecasting models including flow charts and timelines by country of manufacture from overseas manufacturer deposits through to receipts from both New Zealand and overseas customers.

This allows the bank to fully understand the cash timings which can be 6 months+ from initial payment to final receipt and so provide the appropriate loan facility.


Manufacturing and Contracting type businesses – established capacity models and capacity forecasts to establish both capital (plant) and human resource requirements and timings for obtaining or releasing additional capital or human resources including lead-times for acquisition or release.

    Haulage and Contracting (including site works) type businesses – full costing model by individual truck or plant item to work out new charge out rates based on agreed margins. 

    The costings include all individual truck or plant costs, all driver / operator costs and all other support costs. If the business is using a GPS system, the model will calculate either an hourly or kilometre rate.

    Construction company – identified the issue in their project system that had caused significant inventory and billing issues (up to 3 months delay in client invoicing and 3 months delay in completing their accounts) and wrote the new procedure and action requirements to correct this issue.

      IT company – developed and wrote a business plan and business processes for the restructure of the Finance and Administration Departments to facilitate a significantly reduced month end reporting cycle and to free up the Finance Department to allow them to become involved in value added projects plus provide value added management reports to both the Directors and Business Managers of the business in order to help them make more informed decisions.

      Company restructure – developed a restructure plan for a 500+ staff business to reduce the headcount by 180 without any reduction in services or personal grievances.

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