Earn More for Your Dollar – Marketing

Would you like to earn more from your business spend?  If the answer is Yes, then Into the Blue NZ Limited have the solutions to help you gain more from your expenditure.

We are different because we back ourselves to achieve a win-win outcome! For qualifying businesses our services will come at ZERO RISK – No Profit Improvements, No Fees.

This is the fifth in a series of posts.  In this post we will discuss how to obtain better value from your marketing spend.  Many businesses underestimate the value of good marketing and just as many don’t analyse / review their marketing to ensure that they are getting value for money or, more importantly, to see what is working and what is not.

There are many types of marketing including:

  • Google ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Digital marketing on other digital platforms such as Facebook
  • Ads on notice boards
  • Ads in publications
  • Radio
  • Television
  • etc

You can monitor the success of most types of marketing in terms of both potential customer engagement and conversion from potential to actual client.

 Marketing that produces no customer engagement obviously is not working and so should be cut.

Marketing that produces potential customer engagement but either no or low conversion rates to actual clients means the marketing is working but there is an issue within your own business preventing the conversion.

It is our experience from using our Rapid Profit Radar Diagnostic, that potential customer conversion can be increased from making minor changes to your business’s practices and systems.

Customer conversion requires an analysis of your marketing and internal systems.  Into the Blue are experts at analysing marketing spend and increasing customer conversion.  The best possible outcome being a significant increase in customer conversion with a lower marketing spend. 

For most mature businesses we offer a Zero-Risk policy… No Profit Improvement – No Fees. 

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