Rapid Profit Improvement (Series Post no. 8)

Continuing this series of posts, many Business Owners and Managers are facing challenges when trying to identify specific areas where additional business profit may be waiting to be unlocked.  This is an area in which a fresh set of professional eyes – like ours – can often rapidly uncover previously hard-to-see profit opportunities as we will be looking at your Business from a fresh perspective.

Case Study No. 8 – A start-up food processor with productivity issues. 

A quick review of the plant layout showed that our client was not using standard assembly line production methods.  In fact, it looked as if the plant had been left where it was delivered.  We had the plant layout changed to allow for Flow – a straight line production run.

The net result was an increase in productivity and capacity which resulted in a profit improvement of approximately $1.2M p.a.

In addition, as there were no documented manufacturing processes, by employing our Rapid Profit Radar Diagnostic, we were able to document the manufacturing processes to not only prevent a reoccurrence of the flow issues but also to minimise any potential rework.

We always run a Zero-Risk policy with our customers… No Profit Improvement – No Fees. 


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