Rapid Profit Improvement (Post no. 3)

In our recent dealings with Business Owners and Managers we have found that many have had challenges trying to find additional profits for their businesses.  This is where a fresh perspective can often rapidly uncover previously invisible profit levers.

Case Study No. 3 – Construction Company with Cashflow issues caused by being 3-Months Behind in Customer Invoicing

The 3-month delay had created a $7.5m hole in the Business’s cashflow.

The Managing Director engaged us to investigate the cause and remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

We ran our rapid Profit Radar process and found that an ERP System had been installed, and since going live, it was taking 3-months to sort out issues with invoices before they could be sent out to the clients.

Within 2 days we had designed an optimised process which required minimal programming modification.

The net result of this was that, within two weeks, the Business was able to catch up with its invoicing and close the $7.5M hole in its cashflow.

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