Do You Think That Your Business Could Do Better But Don’t Know Where To Look?

Not knowing where to look to make improvements to your business is a very common phenomenon. Big Corporates can afford to employ Business Improvement Experts like me on a fulltime basis to firstly detect, and then unlock, profit improvement initiatives.

Businesses with limited resources must use affordable outside help. Luckily, there are Business Improvement Experts like me around. I am an experienced Business Advisor who has moved on from the corporate world and know exactly where to look to unlock your business’ hidden profits.

Over the next few weeks, I will be releasing a series of posts revealing where I, as an established Profit Improvement Detectorist, can locate profits simply by conducting a short Business Review.

Case Study No. 1 – Australian Infrastructure Business

Three days into a 7-day Business Review I met with the company’s Procurement Manager. This person was originally in Operations, but an accident meant a move to lighter duties, in this case Procurement. Shortly after transferring the existing Manager left and he was promoted into the vacant position.

During our meeting, the new Procurement Manager informed me he was finalising a price from the supplier they used to move the heavy plant for Construction Teams around Australia. The price quoted was $500k. I asked him about alternative quotes, to which he replied, “They are not required. These are the best people, and they look after their clients.” After insisting he obtain two more quotes, I said I would catch up with him the following day to see how he got on.

The next day, the Procurement Manager advised me that the most expensive of the two additional quotes was $250k, and that company’s quote offered a far superior service. 

This business had eight construction teams, each of which was relocated on average 3 times per year around Australia. The total annual savings from this one opportunity was approximately $6M.

The biggest issue here was that the new Procurement Manager had received no training after switching roles, and so did not realise he was doing anything wrong. Additionally, because no one else in the business had any experience in Supply Chain Management, no one was aware that there was an issue.

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My point of difference is that I can rapidly identify and add fast-tracked profits to businesses. Because of this I am offering Zero-Risk Business Reviews – No Profit Improvement No Fees.


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