Zero Risk Business Reviews

My point of difference is that I can rapidly identify and add fast-tracked profits to businesses.

Because of my point of difference and the unsettled economic environment I am offering Zero Risk Business Reviews to help Business Decision Makers increase their business’s profits.

So, what does that mean? It means that, having conducted the Business Review, if I cannot identify profit initiatives in your company that equate to at least the cost I quote for the Business Review itself, then the Business Review will be given free of charge. Like I said: zero risk to you!

Should, however, I find and identify enough profit initiatives to cover or exceed the cost of the investment into the Business Review, payment will be expected within 5 working days.  After payment the full findings from the Review will be released to the Decision Maker.

Depending on the size of the business, the Business Review will usually take 5 to 10 working days.

I have a Track Record of Adding 300%+ ROI to every Business that I have helped.

Are there any conditions?  Well yes, there always are, aren’t there? While the full conditions of the offer will be discussed in a Discovery Meeting, a summary is listed below:

  1. The Zero Risk Business Review offer only applies to existing businesses – no start-ups.
  2. The Decision Maker must attend the Discovery Meeting and disclose:
    1. All known issues – past, present and future – as they will reveal potential opportunities.
    2. Any profit improvement initiatives currently in place (this is to avoid any potential disputes).
  3. Authority for me to implement fast-tracked profit initiatives during the Business Review.
  4. I will not accept responsibility for the Decision Maker not implementing any of the initiatives. I can, however, provide the resources needed to implement any of the identified initiatives if lack of existing resources is the reason for not putting the profit initiatives in place.

Remember, a Business Review is an investment not a cost.

If you are interested in completing a business review, please contact me at or (021) 625-871. 


For more information on creating or improving a business model please call John on (021) 625-871, and further more information please visit Into the Blue.