On 22nd October Grant Robertson announced Ministers had agreed that a $60 million package for business advice and mental health support would be made available to help Auckland businesses through the Covid-19 transition period. The package allows businesses to apply for up to $3000 worth of advice and planning support, and then receive up to $4,000 to implement that advice through the established Regional Business Partners programme.

And that means Into the Blue NZ Limited offers a one-stop-shop for both business advice and establishment service implementation, including, but not limited to:

  • Business Plans and Continuity Plans
  • Hibernation Plans
  • Marketing Strategy and plans
  • Digital Marketing Plans and Implementation
  • Human Resource Plans
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Financial Planning and Cashflow Management

It is important to note that rules apply to the funding; namely:

  • Only one live application can be open at any one time and must be signed off by the client prior to applying for another application
  • Businesses can make multiple applications for the funds up to a maximum of $3,000 for advice and $4,000 for implementation.

The upshot of all that is that if you have a pressing need to address a known problem area, you can apply for a lesser sum of money to rapidly resolve the issue. In such instances a Marketing Strategy and Plan can be developed, written and signed off relatively quickly, thereby ticking all the boxes for you to apply for implementation money.

The reinstatement of this Government subsidised support is fantastic news for Auckland SMEs, some of which have been in lockdown for almost 4 months. If you are interested in applying for it, these are your options:

As part of this package, the Government has made $10 million available for mental health and wellbeing support. Information on this support is now  available now via. https://firststeps.nz/ 

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