New Zealand is really the lucky country when it comes to Covid-19.  It’s mid-February, we escaped the Ruakaka and Orewa bullets but are now desperately waiting to hear on test results resulting from the positive South Auckland Covid-19 tests. 

It is now time to start preparing your businesses for 2021 as change is constant and it will continue to be a major feature in 2021.

Business Services that are currently trending include:

  1. Business Planning – businesses are asking for help to both enable business planning to get them through this year and to develop multi-functional Business Plans.

A multi-functional Business Plan is to not only help Business Owners plan for what and how their businesses are going to trade and operate for the next 3 to 5 years, but also to show potential investors that they know their market and are prepared.  These investors can include:

  • Financial institutions – re-capital to grow the business or to survive a short-term decline in market conditions.
  • Potential buyers – there are currently a lot of cashed up buyers in the marketplace so it can pay to be prepared if one either taps you on the shoulder or you just decide it’s time to sell. 
  1. Business Reviews – businesses who think they are not doing as well as they could, or think something in the business is not working but cannot identify what it is, are looking to obtain professional business reviews to identify where the actual problems lie and then Action Plans on how to rectify the identified issues. 
  1. Marketing and Digital Enablement or Enhancement including branding – Businesses are looking for help with:
  • Customer analysis – how their customers are tracking and what markets their best customers occupy, in order for them to enable targeted marketing.
  • Websites – either enablement or improvement to ensure they have up-to-date websites targeting the markets in which they want to operate.
  • Newsletters linked to both social media and their websites thereby integrating their marketing opportunities.
  • Branding review 
  1. Exit Strategy or Succession Plan – Business Owners from their mid-50’s+ who have had a health issue, not necessarily serious, that has resulted in an overnight(s) hospital stay, are realising that they are not bullet proof and it may be time to think about cashing in and enjoying the fruits of their business’s success while they are still able.

Into The Blue NZ Limited offers all the above services which are also registered with the Regional Business Partner Network (RBPN).  This means that if you are interested in contacting Into The Blue for help and register with the RBPN you may be eligible for co-funding to cover up to 50% of our fees.