Could Both You and Your Business Be Doing Better??

Here are some key actions to help improve your own and your business’ performance:

Health and Wellness / Wellbeing – It always pays to keep tabs on your physical and mental wellbeing, as your personal performance is directly correlative with that of your business as a whole. If you’re not at your best, then the chances are extremely high that your business will be the same. Your health and wellness are critical to the potential success of your business, so, if you are feeling stressed and sense that you are losing focus, here are some steps you can take to find the path back to better health and wellness . It’s not rocket science:

  • Speak in confidence with someone who can help you. A good Business Advisor should be able to listen, assess your issues and come up with viable options to ease your stress levels and allow you to refocus. Even if one of the options is an exit strategy, it allows you to look at your business from a different perspective.
  • Regular exercise – this doesn’t mean a daily trip to the gym, but it does mean getting some form of exercise at least 3 times per week. For me, personally, this includes a swim once per week when I drop my daughter off early at the bus stop, doing the weekly vacuum and mopping of the floors, gardening or doing work on our land, or a walk around the supermarket.
  • Balanced diet – making sure you eat regularly and healthily. This doesn’t mean going to extremes but it should mean getting at least your 5 vegies and fruit per day and regulating your portion sizes to compensate for how much physical exercise you’re getting.
  • Alcohol – Aim for between 1-3 alcohol free days per week. The more booze free days you have, the less potential harm to your body.

By taking just the four steps listed above, you’ll go a long way to improving your personal resilience to stress and illness, which has the knock-on effect of also improving your business’ resilience.You can also take simple steps to improve the commercial aspects of your business. Here are two in particular that will give you the biggest bang for your buck:

Customer / Market Analysis – List your customers in order of value to your business from best to worse.
If you do this by month, year-to-date, and rolling 12 months you will be able to quickly identify who is performing well and which markets you should be concentrating on in the post-Lockdown environment (which is yet to become clear).

Digital Footprint – The Covid-19 outbreak has made this a critical business consideration.
Your online presence should be targeted, up-to-date and integrated. Your  website, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media must be interlinked and broadcasting the same message.

Into The Blue NZ Limited in association with Business Support Studio Limited offers solutions to all the above and has services registered with the Regional Business Partner Network (RBPN) to provide 50% co-funding up to a maximum of $5,000 for the first three months through the Management Capability Voucher Fund.  For more information on our RBPN registered services click here. Additionally, if the Government reintroduces the Covid-19 Business Advisory Services Fund as recommended by both MBIE and NZTE (Ministry of  Business, Innovation and Employment and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise) my two Covid-19 Services will be fully funded up to an amount as agreed by your local Regional Growth Advisor.