COVID-19 Crisis – Business Support and Continuity Planning

The COVID-19 crisis is here and the Government has a good plan to help businesses through this crucial period. In case you have not heard, the Government has released a scheme to provide fully funded Business Advisor support to small businesses via the Regional Business Partner Network. That support is being managed by the Regional Business Partner Network Growth Advisors i.e. ATEED and Northland Inc. Approved Business Advisors with the relevant experience, such as myself, have been contacted directly to register a Covid-19 service on their website.  My service is registered and approved on the Regional Business Partner Network in their “Marketplace” under “intotheblue” as “Covid-19 – Business Support and Continuity Planning.   Growth Advisors will at their discretion be able to fully fund approved Business Advisors up to a maximum of $5,000 exclusive of GST to support and assist businesses in the following areas:
  • HR
  • Health and Wellness
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Finance and Cashflow Management
Please note: This fund is expected to be oversubscribed so the actual fully funded amount is likely to be less than $5,000.  If it looks as if businesses are going to exceed the cap, they can apply to go onto an existing 50% funded programme.   To qualify you need to meet certain criteria, the main ones being:
  • Registered with the Regional Business Partnership.  If you are not registered it takes approximately 15 minutes via their website:
  • Have met and undergone an assessment with your Regional Partner (Growth Advisor) i.e. ATEED or Northland Inc.
  • Have fewer than 50 full time equivalent employees
As there is now a nationwide lockdown these services will be provided by way of a combination of video conference and telephone.  The Regional Partners are looking at ways to remotely install the necessary software onto the computers of the less technical business owners. A full copy of my offering for this service is available here. Please don’t delay – If you are looking for help, now is the time to register your interest as this service will become oversubscribed very quickly.  For more information please give me a call on (021) 625-871.  John Raffaelli Into the Blue NZ Limited