Gross Profit Improvement 101 – Product / Service Type Reporting

(Segmentation Accounting)

Does your Gross Margin need improvement?  If the answer is Yes, then Into the Blue NZ Limited have the answers to help you increase it.  What’s more if you engage us to identify your Gross Profit Improvement Initiatives, our services will come at Zero-Risk to you – No Gross Profit Improvements, No Fees.

Gross Profit Improvement 101 Series Post 3 – Product / Service Type Reporting also known as Segmentation Accounting

It is our experience from using our Rapid Profit Radar Diagnostic, that approximately 50% of businesses don’t identify their sales and cost of sales by product type

The main issue of not doing this is you won’t know how well or badly each product / service type is performing.

If you want to make profit improvements, the devil is in the detail, and Into The Blue are experts in extracting the detail

Segmentation Accounting is a method that enables identification of business gross profit – by product type, service type, or even by division or department – at a glance.  It allows you to make informed decisions on both the performing and non-performing segments of your business.

We have added – and continue to add – significant additional Gross Profit to businesses of all sizes and in every type of industry, by identifying the reasons for, and then applying the remedies to correct the issueAs mentioned above, the lack of meaningful reporting is a very common issue in the Business World and the implementation of improved reporting solutions is one of the many things we do.

Please note that some underperforming areas of the business may be loss-leaders to gaining high profit sales in other sectors.

We always run a Zero-Risk policy with our customers… No Profit Improvement – No Fees. 

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